Christopher Castellini


The Mind Illusionist’s proposal for corporate events brings together his personal background and refined magic tricks with the aim of entertaining even the most demanding audience. Cohesion, harmony and inner motivation are the main feelings that can be experimented during these events, which may be seen as an opportunity for personal and professional improvement. This kind of events are also a great tool to encourage, help and guide workers towards a common accomplishment in the working environment.

The most important issues touched upon during corporate events are very important also in the team working environment of a company that aims to spread, inside and outside, a corporate image based on mutual respect, self esteem and the acceptance of limits in an optimistic perspective.

Through the landmarks of an incredible journey Christopher will make the audience explore a brand new scenario. This is an innovative opportunity for companies, an extraordinary addition for a corporate dinner or convention with customers, suppliers, partners and/or employees

An emotional, unique and unforgettable experience.

The type and the duration of the event can be planned according to corporate and personal needs. Please contact us to receive a customized proposal.

Christopher Castellini


The Rescued Armony” – Theatrical Version

What are the fundamentals of a successful team? What’s the secret behind a winning mutual understanding?
May one thousands hearts beat at the same time? An intense and meaningful act, in which the audience
will experience the value of harmony and the chance to find it anytime.

The Colors of Life” – Illusionism between emotion and motivation

This show is a test in which four people will make random choices guided by their intuition.
The only purpose of this show is to answer a simple question such as: “are our choices truly free?”.
This ten-minutes involving journey will strike the whole audience with emotion and motivation,
spreading an unforgettable message: “we are in the best place where we could be”.

People say about my shows:

“I’ve entered the venue thinking that the show would tell about Christopher’s life. During the last 30 seconds I realized that the show was about me… Every day is up to me, the choice is mine!”


“La Scelta has not been a simple show, but a true experience that changed my life!”


“Christopher’s mental abilities are unique and astonishing, but above all he has the gift to entertain you and break your heart at the same time: this show breathes a great energy!”


“I had seen Christopher in many TV shows before, but I had no idea of the incredible amount of things he can do! I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life”



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