A journey in your mind at the boundaries of the impossible

A One Man Show at the boundaries of the impossible, which fascinate and bring the audience
in a dreamlike journey from the very beginning.
A vortex of incredible stories, impossible tests and, above all, choices.

 Astonishment, entertainment and emotion, but also hope and great involvement of the audience:
these and more others are the ingredients that make up the unmissable Mind Illusionist’s show, a real Ode to Life.


A journey in your mind
at a boundaries of the impossible

Christopher Castellini is a Mind Illustionist. From the very beginning he fascinate and bring you to his oniric world, in a vortex of incredible stories, of impossible tests and, above all, choices. Don’t you believe your own eyes? Is Christopher misleading you or is he saying the truth? Certainly, he has already made his choice: he is in a weelchair because of a progressive disease, but he never gave up. He lives his life as a wonderful gift, sharing it on the stage with his audience. Winner of many national and international magic competitions, Christopher Castellini performs his incredible One Man Show at the theater: The Choice is a real Ode to Life. Travels through time, childhood dreams which come to life, challenges against the laws of physics, tests which come close to human boundaries. Astonishment, entertainment and pure emotion in an enchating show from the beginning to the end: welcome to “The Choice”.


“I’ve entered the venue thinking that the show would tell about Christopher’s life. During the last 30 seconds I realized that the show was about me… Every day is up to me, the choice is mine!”


“La Scelta has not been a simple show, but a true experience that changed my life!”


“Christopher’s mental abilities are unique and astonishing, but above all he has the gift to entertain you and break your heart at the same time: this show breathes a great energy!”


“I had seen Christopher in many TV shows before, but I had no idea of the incredible amount of things he can do! I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life”


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