An unforgettable and moving event for primary school, middle school and high school students. The aim of this kind of events is to raise new generations’ awareness dealing with important educational issuesself-respect and respect for others, the acceptance of your own limits, self-confidence. Because we are not all the same, but everyone is unique and has got something useful to overcome difficulties and to make dreams come true. We just have to figure it out!

 At the heart of this proposal, an educational performance focused on the concept of edutainment, the process of entertaining people at the same time as you are teaching them something. The young students will be brought through a real journey designed to help them to exploit their potential, to believe in themselves and to develop a deeper appreciation of life. As a matter of fact, the concept of boundaries is often considered in a negative way, but it is actually a precious guide towards happiness.

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“Hi Christopher, I’m Elisa. Today your words have made me believe in myself, and you gave me true strength and confidence. I just wanted to THANK YOU, you are a true inspiration”

Elisa, 16 anni, Brescia

“Hi Christopher, today I took part in your performance in Olbia. Congratulations, you words were amazing… Your speech was the strongest and most beautiful one I have ever heard in my life!"

Davide, 19 anni, Olbia

“Thank you Christopher! Your show was very touching, I want to make my dreams come true as well!”

Monica, 15 anni, Brescia

“You are a wonderful person, I really love and admire the way you go through life, you are such an inspiration for all of us, keep on dreaming and never give up"

Matteo, 12 anni, Mantova

“I just wanted to say thank you for sharing so many thoughts with us and instilling hope and confidence. Thank you, you have truly inspired me “

Annalisa, 17 anni, Cremona

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